Ways of Payment

For the facilitation and your better service, your PelionNaturalSoap allocates the following ways of payment:

1. Cash when delivered

2. By deposit in Bank Account

You can choose the bank that facilitates to you for the deposit of sum of your order.

On the deposit  you should enter your complete full name as explanation.

For the fastest implementation of your order you can send us the depositing bill of the Bank by Fax to 24230 71230, or communicate by phone to 2423071268 or via e-mail to info@pelionnaturalsoap.gr The banking accounts in which you can deposit the money are:

Bank accounts :

 National Bank of Greece :

ΙΒΑΝ GR 2601102010000020166403970 .


 Agricultural Bank of Greece :

IBAN: GR2604305310 00
25 8010 4123 051

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