Our laboratory is accommodated at a particular space in our Hostel in Platanias of Southern Pelion, where at the same time we organise interesting ecotourist and agro-tourist activities. www.peliondesroses.gr.

When we took the decision as family to abandon Athens and to return in the village in order to renovate our Hostel, we said that we will deal intensely with ecological activities and natural products, for a different attitude and quality of life.

Our aim is the return to the nature.
One of these activities is also the production of hand made soap from exclusively natural products, made with a lot of taste that respects the consumer, and with personal responsibility as if they are foods. Therefore their basic characteristics, but also the reasons in order you to select our natural soaps:

1. Pure olive oil
Our soaps are prepared exclusively by our pure local product, the olive oil of Pelion.

2. Natural glycerine and over fattening
They contain their natural glycerine which is produced at the duration of soaping, then it is not removed as it happens with the hot process of production to the industrialized soaps. With the method that we use we achieve an over fattening up to 10%. That is to say non-soaped oils remain entire in our soap, that in combination with the natural glycerine protect the skin.

3. Perfumes
To give perfume to our soaps we use authentic ethereal oils, natural aromatic plants - herbs and juices of fruits, beneficial for the skin.

4. Foam
At their use the soaps leave to our body rich and creamy foam that arouses the senses, scents perfumes and it exudes an air of luxury. We achieve this only by the use of precise olive cosmetics and never with chemical products.

5. Colouration
Our soaps are coloured only by natural plant colouring substances.

6. Health
Our soaps have exceptionally good antiseptic, disinfectant, antioxidant but also detergent attributes. From our personal perception we stress that they help in a lot of dermatoses as skin draining, dermatitis, hair falling, psoriasis etc and protect from the ageing of skin.

7. Ecological - friendly to the environment
The advantage of the cold method of production of our soaps is that all the materials are soaped and waste do not exist. This way our soaps do not leave waste and are 100% ecological and bio-degradable

Finally we declare that for the creation of our soaps we did never make trials on animals. In conclusion therefore, the pure olive oil, the natural glycerine, the successful over fattening, the rich foam, the natural colours and perfumes in our soaps, are very important factors for the protection and the hygiene of skin. Simply they make them unique.
Wash yourselves, wash your hair and enjoy fearlessly their action particularly with hot water. You will shine from freshness and health. Give them away to your own persons or your friends. It is original and you will impress them.

With our attitude we are addressing in continuously more sensitised ecological persons for a more natural and healthy way of life. We are here to promote our products, our pure natural soaps, with an alternative quality of life, but also with a genuine outlet for real holidays in Southern Pilion, that so much we love. Come to live the dream.

Come to leave together!
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