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13-16 February 2013

Welcome to our website Pelion Natural Soap with the natural hand made soaps.

Our products:

  • they are exclusively prepared by pure local olive oil and aromatic herbs,
  • they contain also natural glycerine to 10% over fattening that regulates the humidity and protects from the ageing of skin,
  • they have exceptionally good antiseptic, disinfectant, antioxidant but also detergent attributes,
  • they leave rich and creamy foam that arouses the senses, scent perfumes and they exude air of luxury,
  • their process of production with the cold method keeps the natural glycerine, is friendly to the environment and produces 100% bio-degradable soap.

Our objective is to elect the natural hand made soap as a pure traditional product and through this we give to people the ability of using it for their personal hygiene, for cleanness, freshness and health. Let us live together this dream of nature.

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